Static meshes. Maya to UnrealEd

Article by [furrycat].

Importing the model

Now the static mesh is ready to be loaded into UnrealEd. Load the editor, open the Static Mesh browser and select Import from the File menu.

Static Mesh browser

You will be prompted to locate the ASE file you wish to import. This is of course the same one which was exported in part two.

After choosing the file, you will be asked which package and group the new mesh belongs to. You can enter anything you like here but it's probably best to pick meaningful names.

Import options

I called my mesh Table and added it to the Furniture group in the furrycat package. Don't worry if the group or package you choose doesn't actually exist. UnrealEd will create it for you.

If it doesn't crash, UnrealEd should import the mesh and display it in the static mesh browser:

The table

As you can see, the default texture has been applied to the mesh. The final step is to apply the correct textures in its place.

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