Static meshes. Maya to UnrealEd

Article by [furrycat].

Texture the model

There are no special steps to carry out if you are using textures from a texture set you already have but if you created your own textures, you'll need to import them first. Although I didn't modify the textures I exported in part 1, I'll demonstrate how to import them back into the editor anyway!

Skip to Applying the textures if you want to use pre-existing images.

Importing new textures

The first step in importing textures is to select the Import menu from the texture browser and locate the files you wish to import.

As before, you can choose which package and group to add the new textures to. I created the Table group in the furrycat package and added my Legs and TableTop textures to it.

Importing textures

Applying the textures

Texture the mesh in the same way as you would texture anything else in the editor. First select the texture you want to use then expand the list of materials in the mesh's attribute list and click Use to apply that texture.

Here I selected the furrycat.Table.TableTop texture and applied it to the top of the table, which was the first material in the mesh.

One texture applied

Repeat the procedure for the other materials in the mesh:

The finished mesh

And there it is. All that's left to do is save the static mesh package (furrycat.usx in this case) and use the mesh in your map.

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