Static meshes. Maya to UnrealEd

Article by [furrycat].

Export the model

We will export the model using the axmesh command from the ActorX plugin. After ensuring the plugin is loaded, type "axmesh" at the MEL prompt:

Invoking the plugin

A window appears allowing you to choose various export options. About the only useful one is the destination directory. I set it to ravenshield\maya. Where you put it isn't important as long as you don't forget when you come to import the static mesh...

Plugin options

If the plugin is successful, an ASE file (ASCII Scene Export) will be written to the directory you specified. If it is unsuccessful, Bad Things may happen... Save your work first!

The mesh is now ready to be imported into UnrealEd. If you're only the modeller on the team, put your feet up and let the mappers take the strain...

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