Static meshes. Maya to UnrealEd

Article by [furrycat].

This tutorial explains how to export Static Meshes from Maya to the Unreal Editor. To follow this tutorial you will need:

With the added power of mapping with static meshes comes added complexity. Many designers, including Unreal engine developers, suggest splitting the mapping workload among two people or groups of people: someone to create the meshes in their favourite modelling package (which is Maya of course) and someone to make the actual map.

If you are making a mesh yourself and using it in your own map, you will need to read this tutorial in its entirety. If you are only creating the mesh, you need only read parts one and two. Mappers can start reading at part three.

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intro | part 1: Creating the mesh | part 2: Exporting the model | part 3: Importing the model | part 4: Texture the model